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Mobile Welding Tennessee

Find Residential & Commercial Mobile Welding Services
in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, and Surrounding States.

Find Residential & Commercial Mobile Welding Services in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, and Surrounding States.

Why Mobile Welding?

Oftentimes, your welding projects or repairs can only be done on-site, as with large equipment projects, field repairs, and emergency situations. And with these examples, its often efficient and cost effective for our mobile welding team to visit you.

Portable welding equipment allows our mobile welders to create the same quality service and results as you can expect with in-house projects. Both planned and emergency field projects require efficient and intelligent thinking in any situation. Much like our in-house repair capabilities, we handle steels, aluminums, cast metals, pot metals, stainless, titanium and other types.

Mobile Welding Comes To You

Lucas Motorworks, Welding & Fabrication in Murfreesboro has been servicing middle Tennessee with mobile welding for years. We actively help our local clientele of commercial companies and residential homeowners with welding applications, including:

  • Facility and/or machinery repair insurance claims
  • Structural and floor plan management for new or existing facility construction
  • Gates, railings, structural, aesthetic and historical repairs for residential communities
  • Rural and agricultural repairs to structures and equipment
  • Mobile classroom, commercial trailer, containers, loading docks and jobsite repairs
  • Earth mover, excavation equipment and implement repairs
  • Product development, new product or immovable product repairs
  • Transportation, locomotive and security container repairs

What is the Lucas Weld Guarantee?

Field projects and repairs receive the same “Lucas Weld Guarantee” as any in-house projects. This guarantee covers defects to any workmanship issues for fabrication, supplies, materials or welding based services. We back any issues with a commitment to complete repairs to the fullest. In the event something happens outside of our control, we’re insured to cover all situations.

Personal Protective Equipment For Mobile Welding

With consideration to hazards or nearby equipment and machinery, we will provide any necessary coverings to ensure the safety of our employees, you as a customer, all equipment, and any local machinery. Safety, confidentiality, and security are priority as we work with a diverse group of clients and varying lines of business.

Customer Commitment

Like our welds, we aim for long-term, dependable relationships with our customers. In response to customer commitment and demand, should you or your company have special circumstances surrounding the environment or equipment, we will accommodate extending our work hours per the scope of the project. The need for mobile welding is often unexpected, and Lucas Motorworks, Welding & Fabrication team is happy to accommodate with additional information.

All Our Capabilities

Find help on all your commercial and residential Welding, Fabrication, Power Sports, Media Blast, Powder Coating, and Blacksmithing projects.

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Daily storage fees may apply to projects without reasonable progress and left on Lucas MWF property. Projects left for 30 or more days are considered abandoned and become property of Lucas Motorworks, Welding & Fabrication, LLC.


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